The Testimony Of Micah Jones - Scrapped Endings

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Bonus Content To: The Testimony Of Micah Jones

Content Type: Scrapped Endings, Lost Chapters, Development Trivia


Scrapped endings, chapters, and all sorts of bonus content for for TTOMJ! I've denoted the endings with "Meat Ending" (more heavy of the two) and the "Candy Ending" (actually just boring). I had a vague idea of how I wanted to end Micah's journey, I just wanted to play with some ideas before officially writing this. Along with this, I also have a few older versions of certain diary entries I feel like changed a lot throughout development. Finally, I have the token "Aspen's Lodge" where I write about all my choices and how they came to be when it came to bringing Micah and his pals to life!

See It Here!

Meat Ending (Google Doc)

Candy Ending (Google Doc)

Lost Chapters (Google Doc)

Aspen's Lodge (Google Doc)